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Rabbits, groundhogs, and feral dogs (Oh My!)

July 18th, 2012 2 comments

I usually only blog about woodworking, mostly because I personally find that far more interesting than the daily monotony that is homesteading (weeding, collecting eggs, trimming hooves, etc…). This has been an interesting couple of weeks though.

I don’t consider myself a violent person, I’m very slow to anger, and make it a point not to pick fights. And I dont like to kill anything, and try very hard not to do it unless it’s for food. Now thats not to say I can’t apply violence when it is absolutely necessary.

I grew up hunting a bit with a trusty BB gun, like many boys, and am actually a pretty consistently good shot with a rifle or shotgun. During college I did start training as a martial artist and kept it up for about 5-6 years and earned a black belt (I recently started training again, mostly for fitness). Those skills served me well on the farm this week…. Read more…

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