Quick frame project and tip

February 17th, 2012 Comments off

Just a  quick frame I threw together for a piece of art we picked up for our neighbors while on Kauai. Curly Cherry with a few Greene and Green details. Took about 8 hours (need to get faster). Joinery done by hand, half lap joints. If I had more time I should have made through tenons that protruded a bit…. maybe the next one. Read more…

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Getting started in woodworking: Building a Japanese Workbench

February 8th, 2012 1 comment

UPDATE: I finished my slab top for the workbench. See Here

For the last year or so I’ve been slowly sliding more into the Japanese side of Woodworking. My workbench isn’t always the most ideal work surface…. mostly due to the location of the tail vise… it aways seems to be in the way of where I want to saw. So I started researching what work surface Japanese woodworkers use.

Most japanese woodworkers, from what I can tell, just put a big hunk of wood on the floor and sit cross legged. Most westerners   (including me) don’t like sitting on the floor much though.

But when Japanese do work standing up, I found a number of different sawhorse styles. During my research I found a old plan by Jay van Arsdale published in American Woodworker Jan-Feb 1990. These sawhorse seems to fit my desires almost perfectly and they are all built using japanese compression joints, wedges and no glue. They are a fun fast(ish) joinery project that gives you something useful to work off of for future projects. Read more…

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Getting started in woodworking: Tool selection with a Japanese flair

February 6th, 2012 2 comments

I haven’t been woodworking very long and like most North American’s when I think of a saw I think of a traditional western push saw, and when I think of a plane, a picture of a Stanley #5 comes to mind.

As I dove into this new hobby a couple years ago I stumbled across a plastic handled Marples pull saw while perusing the aisles of my local Big Box hardware store. I’m not sure what possessed me to grab that saw instead of a more traditional western saw. I had no idea about the origen of a pull saw concept, so I can’t blame my decision on my martial arts background or my love of Asian aesthetics… There was just something about that saw that seemed to make sense to me.

It certainly wasn’t the greatest saw in the world, but more and more I found myself gravitating toward that saw over my circular power saw during every construction project. Read more…

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Get Woodworking Week Feb. 5-11, 2012

January 31st, 2012 1 comment

So as Ron Hock so eloquently put it in his latest newsletter:

“Here’s the story: It all began with visionary and passionate woodworking bloggers who — ahem —  were drinking together  one evening in Covington, Kentucky, during Woodworking in America 2011.

Imagine the bar, please. Imagine the bloggers, beers in hand and orders up. Together they fret and cry aloud.

     “We are concerned that the appreciation of finely-crafted furniture will be lost in this disposable world we so love to hate! If we do not cultivate a new group or even a whole new generation of woodworkers, who will we bequeath our tools to once we’ve planed that last plank!”

So we came up with a small way we could help “get folks off the sideline and into woodworking as a hobby.” Since I was one of those bloggers — drunkards — I figured I better contribute something.

Tom Iovino, from the blog Tom’s Workbench, is coordinating our efforts. Many of us will be posting articles all week regarding first tool selections and good starter projects. This is a great opportunity for anyone to jump in and get there hands covered in sawdust. So please participate and post your results!

You can find out more over at  Tom’s Workbench. I personally plan on doing 1-2 articles on getting started with Asian style tools and setting up a basic shop. So tune in next week for those. Ok I’m out to the shop to make those projects.

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A Small Construction Workflow

October 16th, 2011 Comments off

I generally talk woodworking and bit of technology here but recently more and more of my time has been devoted to our “farm”, as anyone that follows me on twitter or google+ will attest.

This summer has been occupied by 3 major projects: a 55’x50′ garden, a flock of ducks, and a couple alpacas.

Read more…

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