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Quick frame project and tip

February 17th, 2012

Just a  quick frame I threw together for a piece of art we picked up for our neighbors while on Kauai. Curly Cherry with a few Greene and Green details. Took about 8 hours (need to get faster). Joinery done by hand, half lap joints. If I had more time I should have made through tenons that protruded a bit…. maybe the next one.


A quick tip: Pen Blanks
Anyone that’s done anything with any Greene & Greene style elements like ebony accents knows that ebony is body expensive.  But ebony pen blanks are relatively inexpensive.

Unless you are doing really small plugs, ripping it with even a thin kirf blade on the table saw will only get you 1-2 sticks out of each blank.

A band saw kirf is smaller at about .6 -.7mm. you may get one 2 larger medium sticks and 2 smaller ones.

…But if you use a Dozuki you only have a .2-.3 mm kirf. and can get 4 nice sticks out of each pen blank if you are careful.


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