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Get Woodworking Week Feb. 5-11, 2012

January 31st, 2012

So as Ron Hock so eloquently put it in his latest newsletter:

“Here’s the story: It all began with visionary and passionate woodworking bloggers who — ahem —  were drinking together  one evening in Covington, Kentucky, during Woodworking in America 2011.

Imagine the bar, please. Imagine the bloggers, beers in hand and orders up. Together they fret and cry aloud.

     “We are concerned that the appreciation of finely-crafted furniture will be lost in this disposable world we so love to hate! If we do not cultivate a new group or even a whole new generation of woodworkers, who will we bequeath our tools to once we’ve planed that last plank!”

So we came up with a small way we could help “get folks off the sideline and into woodworking as a hobby.” Since I was one of those bloggers — drunkards — I figured I better contribute something.

Tom Iovino, from the blog Tom’s Workbench, is coordinating our efforts. Many of us will be posting articles all week regarding first tool selections and good starter projects. This is a great opportunity for anyone to jump in and get there hands covered in sawdust. So please participate and post your results!

You can find out more over at  Tom’s Workbench. I personally plan on doing 1-2 articles on getting started with Asian style tools and setting up a basic shop. So tune in next week for those. Ok I’m out to the shop to make those projects.

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  1. January 31st, 2012 at 13:45 | #1

    Drunkards? You betcha.

    Thanks, Nik. This should be a fun week coming up!

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