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A Small Woodworking Shop

December 21st, 2008

I realized early on that I needed a bench. I don’t have time to build one right now; so I should probably just wait on building a real bench.

And here is my cheap bench. 2x 3/4″ MDF connected to the wall. 2 rows of dog holes and a planing stop that slides into them. It works surprisingly well… Hand tools: #3, #4c, #604 type2, #5, #7c (waiting to be renovated: Sweetheart #5c, early #3, and a #6). Yes I have lots of Marples: My home depot keeps putting it on sale since it doesn’t say Irwin. (I think I have some Ashley Iles chisels under the tree right now :-)) The rest of my small dank shop… but I have fun in it. (panning left to right)

Anyway, thanks to all the knowledge on the woodnet.net forums. I’m only in my 20’s and I think I’ve picked up my hobby for life.

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